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What’s the name of the institute?
Al Watania poultry institute of technology (WIT)

Where is the institute located?
It’s located in Qassim region in Bukairiyah , in the following address : Muhammad Bin Ali Al Suwailym Road (26°09’48.9″N 43°43’12.9″E)

How to contact us?
You can contact us over phone and fax on the following numbers:
Tel: 920014070, Fax: 0000000000
Or you can contact us directly by twitter and e-mail:
Twitter: Wit_edu, Email: info@wit.edu.sa

What are the main features of WIT (Why study in WIT)?
A guaranteed job after graduation.
Good financial rewards while studying.
Good salaries after graduation.

Who are the founders of WIT?
The institute was established by a strategic partnership between Al-Watania’s Poultry co. and TVTC (Technical and Vocational Training Corporation).

Is WIT under the government sector or under the private sector?
WIT is considered as a partnership between the government sector and the private sector.

What is the legal form of the institute?
A non-profit training institute.

Is there any outsource expert that supervises the institute?
Yes, Cobb Company as a poultry consolidation company and it is a branch of “Tyson Foods”, the biggest poultry producer in the world.

What are the majors in the institute and how long does it take to study?
Higher Diploma – Poultry Production – Major of Poultry Farming. (30 months)
Higher Diploma – Poultry Production – Major of Poultry Industrialization. (30 months)
Higher Diploma – Poultry Production – Major of Maintenance. (30 months)
Diploma of Poultry Industry. (12 months)
Diploma if Support Services. (12 months)
Introduction to Poultry Industry. (6 months)
Advanced Poultry Industry. (6 months)
Preparation in Poultry Industry. (6-2 months)

When will the study begin?
It will be announced soon – Insha’Allah.

What is the system of study at the institute?
It is the Quarter system where every semester is divided into two semesters.

Does the Student have public holidays during school year between the two semesters and in the second half of the semester and in the two holy Eids.. etc.?

Is there preparatory year program?
No, there is not, but there is an intensive course in English consisted of 7 levels and it’s considered as one of the courses given by the institute.

What is the next step for the student who didn’t pass the 7 levels of English?
He can continue in other programs for shorter time and he will get another job if he wants.

What is the language of the institute?
English will be used as a medium between the teachers and the students.

Who are the instructional staff?
The institute stands out for its instructional staff who are expert in poultry industry, and they have practical experience supported by intellectual skills.

Is the study theoretical or practical?
It is a mix between theoretical studies, labs and actual fields and the concentration will be on actual fields and the industries of poultry production.

What starting salary can I expect after graduation?
Students can expect salaries outpace 6000 S.R. per month, Human Resources Development fund contributes 50% of graduate students salaries in the first year in the maximum of 2000 S.R. per month and the rest will be paid by the sponsor.

What is the amount of salary while training?
Students will be paid at least 2000 S.R. per month while they’re training. HRDF contributes by paying in the maximum of 1000 S.R. whereas the rest will be paid by the sponsor.

How do I get a Sponsor?
That will be provided by WIT.

Will I get to know my job and its location before study?

What is my description while studying and training in the institute?
An employee under training.

Will my study period be considered as an experience?
Yes, in fact, your practical experience starts on the first day of studying.

Will I be registered in General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)?
Yes, on the first day of studying.

Is there a medical insurance for me and my family?
Yes, there is a medical insurance for the single student and for the married student with his family.

After graduation, when can I join my work?
After a week of graduation.

When does the admission start in the institute? What are the conditions of admission?
WIT accepts students who graduated from secondary school who pursuit to enroll in poultry industry companies and their support services .Mainly, the admission will be on the website in July on every year. And it is possible to announce about admission for other qualifications under diploma in different periods of the year. Please make sure that starting and ending dates of study in the technical institute because the dates may differ from year to another. And you can subscribe to the website in order to receive periodic emails.

Admission Requirements:

  • The applicant should be Saudi.
  • The applicant should be graduated from secondary school – Natural Sciences.
  • The applicant should have at least 75% in secondary school.
  • The applicant should have at least 65% in Qiyas Test.
  • The applicant hasn’t been funded by HRDF.
  • The applicant should be less than 23 years old.
  • The applicant shouldn’t be having a job at the time of admission.
  • The applicant should be medically free.
  • The applicant should pass the interview.

What are the procedures of admission and registration in WIT?
The following steps will guide you regarding the procedure of admission and registration:

  • Register the user name and the password on the website, then complete the application form.
  • Applicants are sorted based on the above-mentioned requirements and those, who conditions comply with them, they will be notified by SMS and emails for the acceptance test. The student should have at least 30% of the total grades in the acceptance test in order to be qualified.
  • The applicants who succeeded in the acceptance test will be arranged according to their total grades as follows:
    30% of Grade Point Average of secondary school
    30% of Qiyas test
    40% of acceptance test (in English)
  • The successful applicants (in step 3) will be notified by SMS and emails to do the interview.
  • The applicants who passed the interview are required to sign on “The employment and training agreement” with WIT.
  • The applicants who signed on ” The employment and training agreement: will take a test in order to determine major and skills. Then, they sign on the contract with the sponsor to complete admission procedures and WIT will be in charge of finding the sponsor for every successful applicant.

What is the study time at the institute?
Sun-Thu / 7:00-15:30

How much do the programs of WIT cost?
There is no charge for applying to the programs in WIT.
The accepted students in the programs don’t pay the charge of training or any costs related to it, ex. Books, protective equipment’s and safety equipment’s are free for all students.
The HRDF will pay 75% of training charge of the student (in the maximum of 3000 S.R. per month), whereas the sponsor will pay the rest even if it is more than 25%.
All the student study under the sponsorship of one of the sponsor companies.
No scholarships.

Is there an accommodation for the students?
WIT will provide a dormitory for a limited number of students from remote regions for free, but that requires 500 S.R. as an insurance (refundable). The students who are living in WIT’s dormitory, should comply with the rules and regulations of housing. There is a free bus to transport students from their dormitory to the institute every day.

What certificates will I get after graduation?
High Diploma from WIT (certified from TVTC)
Internationally Accredited certificate
Entrepreneurship program certificate (KAB)
English certificate (Levels that have been completed)
Academic Record

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