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Quality Education is backbone of every nation. Through education, a nation goes on the way of civilization and development. Saudi Arabia has realized its importance and is placing great emphasis on education by investing a huge portion of its GDP in this sector. The establishment and development of various educational universities, colleges, institutes and granting offering scholarships to Saudi nationals are all part of this campaign. The Kingdom is applying all strategies to develop highly skilled, trained and educated human resources by involving both national and international educational providers as well as the private sector and entrepreneurs. For this purpose, the Ministry of Education has also developed a program called “The Ministry of Education Ten-Year Plan 1425-1435”. One of the key points of this plan is To enhancing the quality of education being delivered in the Kingdom’s educational institutions.As high quality education is the priority for Saudi nationals, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has established the Saudi Skills Standards “SSS” with the collaboration of the Colleges of Excellence “CoE”. This initiative was taken by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) –an official Saudi organization whose aim is to improve technical and vocational education. TVTC has been known to possess the biggest influence over improving the value of human resources in the country as well as and helping Saudi youth, male and female, to play a productive and meaningful role in the local labor market. The Kingdom is embarking on one of the largest vocational and technical education upgrades in the world, whereby the capacity of the system will be increased from 110.000 students to more than 220.000 students by 2020 while continuing to enhance the quality of the system). This project is of great strategic importance to the entire country. In order to meet these aspirations, the Kingdom enrolled the private sector as a strategic partner which will help to make this journey a successful one.

Al Watania Poultry Institute of Technology has devised and developed programs, syllabi, teaching and learning processes in accordance of with the standards set by the SSS. WIT has put all its effort to be one of the major participants of this huge undertaking and is ready to go for a successful migration to the new quality assurance system.

WIT is working with leading international names such as COBB, CINOP and Wall Street English to benefit from their expertise in the development of a high quality education system based on the requirements and expectations of all parties concerned.

Aiming to earn the trust of those who wish to benefit from its program, WIT is continuously working to enhance its education quality. For this, WIT will pursue to obtain the accreditation with the world’s reputed accrediting organizations for continual improvement of its internal learning and teaching processes. WIT already possesses a well-developed quality assurance system based on ISO 9001.

What will you benefit from the accreditation?

As a student: You will be assured that the program in which you have enrolled on or considering enrolling on is engaged in continuous review and improvement of its quality, and meets nationally endorsed standards in the profession and that it helps to achieve your goal as a professional.

As a teaching staff member: This will provide a formal process for an ongoing evaluation and improvement of the offered programs and faculty development outcome, a process by which the faculty, students and administration can work together in advancing the WIT mission.

As a society: This will ensures the society’s accountability of the program or institute – that it has the means and demonstrates the outcome for of its educational process which are consistent with its goals and objectives.

As an employer: This will provides you them with the confidence that a WIT graduate is equipped with all the required practical skills and knowledge to be an active and valuable member of your, leading to more efficiency and productivity at work.

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