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WIT accepts students who graduated from secondary school who pursuit to enroll in poultry industry companies and their support services .Mainly, the admission will be on the website in July on every year. And it is possible to announce about admission for other qualifications under diploma in different periods of the year. Please make sure that starting and ending dates of study in the technical institute because the dates may differ from year to another. And you can subscribe to the website in order to receive periodic emails.

  • The applicant should be Saudi.
  • The applicant should be graduated from secondary school – Natural Sciences.
  • The applicant should have at least 75% in secondary school.
  • The applicant should have at least 65% in Qiyas Test.
  • The applicant hasn’t been funded by HRDF.
  • The applicant should be between 18-30 years old.
  • The applicant shouldn’t be having a job at the time of admission.
  • The applicant should be medically free.
  • The applicant should pass the interview.

Note: The above mentioned criteria shall be applicable for “the poultry production higher diploma” program (30 months). Other programs may vary as per needed.

Procedures of Admission and registration at WIT?

The following steps will guide you regarding the procedure of admission and registration:

Step 1:

Register the user name and the password on the website, then complete the application form.


Applicants are sorted based on the above-mentioned requirements and those, who conditions comply with them, they will be notified by SMS and emails for the acceptance test. The student should have at least 30% of the total grades in the acceptance test in order to be qualified.

Step 3:

The applicants who succeeded in the acceptance test will be arranged according to their total grades as follows:

30% of Grade Point Average of secondary school
30% of Qiyas test
40% of acceptance test (in English)

Step 4:

The successful applicants (in step 3) will be notified by SMS and emails to do the interview.

Step 5:

The applicants who passed the interview are required to sign on “The employment and training agreement” with WIT.

Step 6:

The applicants who signed on ” The employment and training agreement: will take a test in order to determine major and skills. Then, they sign on the contract with the sponsor to complete admission procedures and WIT will be in charge of finding the sponsor for every successful applicant.

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